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"Don't let anybody with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life. "


"If my eyes are the windows to the soul then I want to make sure they look good at all times. "

"Life is short. Lashes don't have to be!"

"DREAM big, SPARKLE more, SHINE bright, LASH long."

"Sure, my life isn't perfect but my lashes are."

Foxy Lash' Favorite Quotes For Fun

Foxy Lash is a business I created to branch out and show all of you wonderful Colorado residents as well as any tourists the awesome services and skills I have to offer at affordable prices. I went to Empire Beauty School for Cosmetology and was licensed in 2010. I continued to further skills in the art of hair until my sister Jordan Asarch (esthetician) and owner of Cara Bella Studio Regina Jaramillo (esthetician and educator) opened my eyes to the beauty in giving and receiving lash extensions. I began training in 2014 and in one short year have worked full time at it, improved my skills and became also certified in advanced lash techniques. My goals for the future are to continue to give clients the services and experiences I have to offer as well as further my knowledge in lashes and skin care-hopefully someday becoming an educator and larger business owner. 

History of Foxy Lash

Welcome! Here at Foxy Lash I offer a variety of services including eye lash extensions both Classic and Russian 3D (Volume Up) , as well as lash repair. I also offer tinting services and coming soon facial waxing. Contact me now for more information or to schedule today! 

Keep Calm And Stay Foxy 

​Foxy Lash Colorado